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Another Persian…
Beautiful, lively colours, rich floral pattern, gilded surfaces. Mother-of-pearl framing with a special technique, which reminds us of the texture of the creased silk.

persian mirror

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The ornament that is framing the mirror recalls the Renaissance era. The meticulous craftsmanship, the delicate pattern makes the plain form seem elegant.

renessaince mirror

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The Persian ornaments are my favourite. Their unbelievably rich world of motifs and the harmony of the decorated surfaces are really fascinating. It offers a distinguished opportunity to decorate high-class spaces. It reflects luxury and splendour and summons the materialistic and intellectual richness of the fabulous east.


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Besides the Persian ornamental painting, the Islamic art is the easiest for me to relate to. Complicated patterns constructed with geometrical accuracy express the intellectual greatness of that age. Deep religious feelings pervade their works beside the rules of the mathematics - the celebration and respect of the Creator's appear to me in this captivating and magnificent cavalcade.

The majority of my present paintings are inspired by this style.


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The elements of two different artistic ages unite as one in this mirror framework: the Hindu, and the Indian art. Although they differ from one another in their style significantly, their mixing does not show dissonance.

hindu and indian mirrorframe

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