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Besides the Persian ornamental painting, the Islamic art is the easiest for me to relate to. Complicated patterns constructed with geometrical accuracy express the intellectual greatness of that age. Deep religious feelings pervade their works beside the rules of the mathematics - the celebration and respect of the Creator's appear to me in this captivating and magnificent cavalcade.

The majority of my present paintings are inspired by this style.


The characteristics of the Islamic fine art are ornate, colourful, and in religious arts non-figurative. The most typical Islamic ornament is the arabesque, a kind of decoration or rather style that is showing flowers, leaves and fruit motifs, sometimes contours of animals or human figures as well as geometrical patterns.
This kind of ornamentation is applied both in the architecture and on smaller work of arts. The characteristics of the Islamic art are the unique blooming of the applied art branches. These played a much bigger role in the forming of the Muslim folks' fine art and aesthetic language, than in most of its other culture complexes.


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